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This is the schedule of our paper reading group, egarots, at ShanghaiTech. Active since Fall 2018.

Fall 2018

Week 1 (Oct 18, 2018)

Source Paper Reader Note
FAST '13 Building Workload-Independent Storage with VT-Trees Yanliang Zou
FAST '13 A Study of Linux File System Evolution Jian Zhang
FAST '13 ffsck: The Fast File System Checker Tongliang Deng
FAST '13 Unioning of the Buffer Cache and Journaling Layers with Non-volatile Memory Chen Chen

Week 2 (Oct 26, 2018)

Source Paper Reader Note
FAST '16 The Composite-file File System: Decoupling the One-to-One Mapping of Files and Metadata for Better Performance Yanliang Zou
FAST '16 WiscKey: Separating Keys from Values in SSD-conscious Storage Jian Zhang
FAST '16 Optimizing Every Operation in a Write-optimized File System Tongliang Deng
FAST '17 File Systems Fated for Senescence? Nonsense, Says Science! Chen Chen

Week 3 (Nov 1, 2018)

Source Paper Reader Note
SOSP '17 PebblesDB: Building Key-Value Stores using Fragmented Log-Structured Merge Trees Jian Zhang
FAST '15 NV-Tree: Reducing Consistency Cost for NVM-based Single Level Systems Tongliang Deng
FAST '18 Designing a True Direct-Access File System with DevFS Chen Chen

Week 4 (Nov 11, 2018)

Source Paper Reader Note
FAST '15 CalvinFS: Consistent WAN Replication and Scalable Metadata Management for Distributed File Systems Yanliang Zou
SC '17 LocoFS: A Loosely-Coupled Metadata Service for Distributed File Systems Yanliang Zou
ATC '18 Redesigning LSMs for Nonvolatile Memory with NoveLSM Jian Zhang
FAST '16 Application-Managed Flash Tongliang Deng
OSDI '14 Arrakis: The Operating System is the Control Plane Chen Chen

Week 5 (Nov 18, 2018)

Source Paper Reader Note
FAST '18 The Full Path to Full-Path Indexing Yanliang Zou
VLDB '16 Write-Behind Logging Jian Zhang
SOSP '15 How to Get More Value From Your File System Directory Cache Tongliang Deng
ATC '18 Closing the Performance Gap Between Volatile and Persistent Key-Value Stores Using Cross-Referencing Logs Chen Chen

Week 6 (Dec 2, 2018)

Source Paper Reader Note
SIGMOD '12 bLSM: A General Purpose Log Structured Merge Tree Yanliang Zou
FAST '16 NOVA: A Log-structured File System for Hybrid Volatile/Non-volatile Main Memories Jian Zhang
FAST '17 WORT: Write Optimal Radix Tree for Persistent Memory Storage Systems Tongliang Deng
FAST '18 Spiffy: Enabling File-System Aware Storage Applications Chen Chen

Week 7 (Dec 19, 2018)

Source Paper Reader Note
FAST '14 CRAID: Online RAID Upgrades Using Dynamic Hot Data Reorganization Yanliang Zou
SIGMOD '18 Faster: A Concurrent Key-Value Store with In-Place Updates Jian Zhang
FAST '18 Barrier-Enabled IO Stack for Flash Storage Tongliang Deng
ATC '18 TxFS: Leveraging File-System Crash Consistency to Provide ACID Transactions Chen Chen

Spring 2019

Week 1 (Feb 27, 2019)

Source Paper Reader Note
SYSTOR '13 Direct Lookup and Hash-Based Metadata Placement for Local File Systems Yanliang Zou
ATC '17 TRIAD: Creating Synergies Between Memory, Disk and Log in Log Structured Key-Value Stores Jian Zhang
FAST '16 Slacker: Fast Distribution with Lazy Docker Containers Tongliang Deng
ATC '17 HiKV: A Hybrid Index Key-Value Store for DRAM-NVM Memory Systems Chen Chen

Week 2 (Mar 20, 2019)

Source Paper Reader Note
FAST '19 DistCache: Provable Load Balancing for LargeScale Storage Systems with Distributed Caching Yanliang Zou
SOSP '11 SILT: A Memory-Efficient, High-Performance Key-Value Store Jian Zhang
FAST '17 Algorithms and Data Structures for Efficient Free Space Reclamation in WAFL Tongliang Deng
FAST '19 SLM-DB: Single-Level Key-Value Store with Persistent Memory Chen Chen

Week 3 (Mar 30, 2019)

Source Paper Reader Note
N/A RCU Usage In the Linux Kernel: One Decade Later Yanliang Zou
ATC '18 HashKV: Enabling Efficient Updates in KV Storage via Hashing Jian Zhang
FAST '18 Protocol-Aware Recovery for Consensus-Based Storage Tongliang Deng
FAST '19 Write-Optimized Dynamic Hashing for Persistent Memory Chen Chen

Week 4 (Apr 3, 2019)

Source Paper Reader Note
SYSTOR '14 A File By Any Other Name: Managing File Names with Metadata Yanliang Zou
OSDI '14 All File Systems Are Not Created Equal: On the Complexity of Crafting Crash-Consistent Applications Jian Zhang
OSDI '18 FlashShare: Punching Through Server Storage Stack from Kernel to Firmware for Ultra-Low Latency SSDs Tongliang Deng
FAST '19 Optimizing Systems for Byte-Addressable NVM by Reducing Bit Flipping Chen Chen

Week 5 (Apr 17, 2019)

Source Paper Reader Note
N/A Linux kernel documentation: path-lookup.txt Yanliang Zou
SOSP '13 Optimistic Crash Consistency Jian Zhang
ATC '18 Geriatrix: Aging what you see and what you don’t see. A file system aging approach for modern storage systems Tongliang Deng
FAST '18 Endurable Transient Inconsistency in Byte-Addressable Persistent B+-Tree Chen Chen

Week 6 (Jul 15, 2019)

Welcome our new member, Yuzhuo Jing!

Source Paper Reader Note
APSys '16 StepAhead: Rethinking Filesystem Namespace Translations Yanliang Zou
FAST '17 Application Crash Consistency and Performance with CCFS Jian Zhang
OSDI '18 Fault-Tolerance, Fast and Slow: Exploiting Failure Asynchrony in Distributed Systems Tongliang Deng
EuroSys '19 Wormhole: A Fast Ordered Index for In-memory Data Management Chen Chen
FAST '19 INSTalytics: Cluster Filesystem Co-design for Big-data Analytics Yuzhuo Jing